The Stepkids "Sweet Salvation" (video)

The Stepkids 'Sweet Salvation' (video)
Connecticut electro-pop unit the Stepkids are getting ready for the launch of their new LP Troubadour early next year via Stones Throw and are currently previewing the collection with a video for album track "Sweet Salvation."

The song, which was also just released on a 12-inch single, features some tasty funk licks and multi-layered, Prince-style vocal harmonies. The video, meanwhile, is an out-of-this-world journey that finds the band humming and doing some studies on a multi-mouthed alien figure before crash-landing on an unspecified planet.

The inhabitants seem friendly enough to start up a dance party, that is until you realize they're getting closer to the crew because they're hungry.

You can check out the trippy, costume-assisted clip down below.