Stephin Merritt Plots New Future Bible Heroes LP

Stephin Merritt Plots New Future Bible Heroes LP
American chamber pop auteur Stephin Merritt still has at least a month and a half to go promoting the Magnetic Fields' latest album Love at the Bottom of the Sea out on the road, but the prolific songwriter is already planning on pumping out an album with his Future Bible Heroes project sometime soon.

Speaking with CBC Music, Merritt confirmed that he's currently plotting the next step for his more electro-minded outfit, who haven't issued an LP since 2002's Eternal Youth. This time around, the album should feature songs sung by both Merritt and longtime Magnetic Fields collaborator Claudia Gonson.

"I am doing a Future Bible Heroes album next," Merritt revealed. "I haven't done much of any of it yet but, extrapolating from previous Future Bible Heroes albums, I would say that it will have lyrics that combine love and science fiction, and Claudia will sing either all of it or half of it, and I will presumably sing the other half. We haven't decided that yet."

Before he concentrates on the disc too heavily, Merritt will need to finish up the Magnetic Fields' current tour dates, an exercise he apparently doesn't enjoy.

"It's exhausting, it's boring, it's repetitive, and one's brain turns off after the first day or two so you can't actually remember anything," he said. "I've never been thrilled by playing for people. I'm actually not a fan of live music to begin with."

In other Magnetic Fields news, the group have just premiered a new video for "Hookers and Blow," a song written en route to Iowa City by band member Shirley Simms. You can check out the clip for the ukulele-led number down below. Spoiler: that baby takes a tumble mid-song.