Stephen McBean Sheds More Light on New Pink Mountaintops LP

Stephen McBean Sheds More Light on New Pink Mountaintops LP
While Stephen McBean currently has records on the way from both his folk-flecked Grim Tower project and his new hardcore band Obliterations, fans may be wondering what happened to the fourth Pink Mountaintops LP McBean first hinted at back in 2011. While details are slim, it looks as if the record is still on its way, though in altered form.

Speaking with Exclaim!, McBean says that plans have changed since he first discussed the TBA follow-up to 2009's Outside Love and admits that he actually abandoned a couple of recording sessions he wasn't happy with.

"I've been trying to make the next Pink Mountaintops record for what seems like years," McBean confides. "I was working on it at home but thought it was boring being at home by myself. I went to New York and tried to make it with some friends out there, but that didn't really work."

Following a recent Obliterations recording session with Icarus Line singer Joe Cardamone, McBean opted to show the producer some Pink Mountaintops demos, and the reveal proved to be fruitful. Since then, McBean and a new cast of collaborators have laid down a bunch of songs at Cardamone's L.A. studio.

"He actually totally dug the demos and kicked my ass to get started," McBean praises of the producer. "Basically, I found a bunch of dudes to play with, we practiced once and recorded a bunch with Joe."

While song specifics weren't coughed up, the players on the forthcoming Pink Mountaintops include former Delta 72 member Gregg Foreman, Dead Meadow's Steve Kille, Darker My Love/Grim Tower collaborator Rob Barbato and Brian Jonestown Massacre's Dan Allaire. However, McBean is quick to point out that it's still too early to tell when the tracks will be released.

In the meantime, Outer Battery Records lets loose Grim Tower's Anarchic Breezes LP on May 21 and Obliterations' debut 7-inch on July 23.