Stéphane Pompougnac

Hello Mademoiselle

BY Sarah FergusonPublished Jan 23, 2008

French electronic lounge artist Stephane Pompougnac is a darling amongst Gucci runway shows and gatherings of the sophisticated Hollywood elite. DJ for the Hotel Costes series of compilations, which have seen ten years of successive production, he has only now released his second studio album. Hello Mademoiselle shows that adult contemporised electronic music can sometimes be edgy, even amongst restaurateurs and refined charity event promoters. The music is pleasingly varied, encompassing elements from house to dub to old French pop music. Soulful vocals overlay lounge-style beats on this album and the tracks are pretty seamlessly produced. Still, knowing the sound (however sparse) of honey-laden elevator music, à la Kenny G, is present may affect your enjoyment of this album. Still, solid tracks like "Mondes Parralleles” (featuring the hip-hop vocals of Neho) and the polished, soul-inspired "Better Days” will clinch it for the better.

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