Steph Copeland

'Public Panic' (album stream)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 29, 2015

Toronto-based musician Steph Copeland has been working as a film composer for the last few years, but she's ready to make her electro-pop debut with Public Panic — and Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to the album in its entirety.
Copeland has recently composed the music for films like Anti Social, The Drownsman and Ejecta, but takes things in more personal and poppier direction with the new record. Copeland wrote the entire album solo, and it was produced by Matthew Rideout, formerly of Yellow Wood. She also enlisted the help of Matthew Rideout for engineering and mixing, and it was mastered by Joao Carvalho.
A press release notes that despite the slick, polished sounds and subtle singing delivered on Public Panic, the material "explores grittiness." That comes through on the dark funk vibes of "Brick," and the distorted guitar bursts of "Editor" and "Secret." There are also gentler moments, though, on tunes like the synth-y, piano-driven ballads "Machines" and "Hit Me Where It Hurts" before "I'll Never Let You Go" closes the album out with its more minimalist, romantic sound and heartfelt vocal delivery.

"Public Panic is about duality, an alter ego and a world that is barraging you to consume and how that plays into the neurosis. It's also rich with love and a sort of healing," Copeland said in a statement about the record.

Public Panic officially arrives on July 1, but you can give it a listen right now in the player below.

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