Static North Static North

The gentle, transfixing dronescapes that comprise Static North’s self-released debut are elegiac symphonies to the lonely, decaying corners of urban existence. Toronto resident David Lewis, with some assistance from members of neo-shoegazer outfit Fjord Rowboat, has crafted a delicate song cycle replete with dense, somewhat lugubrious textures. Accompanied by a restless, low-end backbone, Lewis’s mellifluous melodies are draped gorgeously across clouds of drifting electronic ambience. Synthetic tone clusters collide overtop sheets of opaque electric guitar fuzz, yet the diverse sonic palette from which Lewis mines forcefully propels the potentially inert mass of sound. Subtle percussive elements appear at times, but never dominate — they add a sense of urgency to the proceedings. Static North is a stellar debut effort, a tremendous first step from a fresh, inspired artist. Lewis is endowed with a contemplative ear, perfect for creating abstract yet engaging sound poetry. (Independent)