Stars and Stripes Shaved For Battle

With a resurgence in street punk and “Oi” music, kids everywhere are getting back into the scene with boots, suspenders, shaved heads and skinhead anthems produced by the likes of the Dropkick Murphys and Stars and Stripes. Stars and Stripes are the epitome of a skinhead band and because the band is composed of ex-Slapshot members, it’s no wonder why their hearts and minds are wrapped in nationalistic skinhead glory. The music is raging three chord mayhem, while the lyrics are a pathetic machismo representation of skinheads and their nationalistic tunnel vision, even though they’re catchy as hell anthems. Regardless of Stars and Stripes lyrical downfalls, Shaved for Battle is a must have powerhouse of unforgettable street punk. If boot stomping, whiskey chanting “Oi” music is in your heart, then look no further because “Skinheads on the Rampage,” “The Power and the Glory” and “Shaved for Battle” are the blood that pumps that heart! Moreover, as an added bonus the rare Drop the Bomb EP has been included on this release. (Taang!)