Star & Micey Star & Micey

Most rock bands hailing from Memphis can't totally escape the shadow of Big Star. While Star & Micey aren't entirely cut from the same cloth, the trio clearly aren't afraid of comparisons either, with this debut album of cleverly crafted acoustic guitar pop. Main man Joshua Cosby follows the rule book well in taking generous helpings of adolescent male insecurity and mixing them with sunny AM hooks. The album doesn't have the indefinable magic that all great power pop possesses, but tracks such as "Salvation Army Clothes" and "So Much Pain" are sufficiently charming. Cosby even throws in the odd curveball, like a pretty convincing Michael Jackson impersonation on "I Am The One She Needs." Other soul references are deployed with equal aplomb, but in the end it raises questions about what Star & Micey are really trying to achieve. Listeners wanting to hear either more power pop or more soul will ultimately be left unsatisfied. (Ardent)