Stand GT Good By The River

After ten years of being self-proclaimed "underground rock and roll nobodies," the pride of Glengarry, ON, have taken another kick at the can, in the form of Good By the River. The Stand GT's formula hasn't changed much over the years, with the boys still cranking their guitars up to ten and laying down catchy, harmony-ridden tunes. With a history linking them to like-minded West coast bands like the Fastbacks, the Smugglers and Bum, perhaps being land-locked was all that kept the Stand GT from taking their rightful place in '90s rock history along with their peers. In any case, this record has a tight, pro feel with lots of energy that sometimes rides the line between pop and pop punk. Some of the standout tracks include the multi-textured, almost country-ish "Blank The All Stars" and the up-tempo "On Vacuuming." There's also a slower, more melancholy side to the record as well, which includes the aptly titled "Minus the Fun" and the quiet "Sear Plain." All in all, these are well crafted, classic sounding pop songs with a serious edge that show these guys haven't lost their faith since the promise of the '90s "gold rush" of indie rock twinkled and faded out. (Slag O Matic)