Stan Kolev Emotional Content

Trance is a rare music, one that exhibits melodic heart and emotion in an almost classical sense. Such soothing frequencies must appeal to hardcore fans of the genre, and though some trance can be monotonous, it is the beats with heart and integrity that ring clearest. With his first artist album (which is a double first, as it’s also the first artist LP released by Montreal’s Ready Mix Records), Stan Kolev reminds us that there still is trance music that’s deep. Coasting on waves of punchy space music, melodic dreaminess and coastally inspired sounds, Emotional Content shows the connection electronic music has (or can have) with what is natural. For instance, check out the tribal use of drums and wind instrumentals on "Suspended Memories” and the beautiful frequencies on "Inner Sense.” The vocals on the first (and very excellent) song, "Routts (Intro Dub),” have a similar flare to Chicane’s 1999 track "Saltwater.” Kolev displays an integrative use of vocal samples that form a coalition with the rest of the music. Kolev knows the power of a good melodic line, making for a tossed salad of sound with the club beats. (Ready Mix)