Stagmummer The Nutcracker

In the oozing muck somewhere between the chaotic jazz-tinged fuzz of the Jesus Lizard and the throw-down dirge of the Melvins is where Stagmummer seems to dwell. On their sophomore effort, this quartet of warped and wired Winnipeggers enlist the production assistance of GGGarth Richardson to ensure maximum grunt value from the recording session (they had similar big name talent behind the board for their 1997 debut, Rim, which was produced by Steve Albini). Jack Balles' distorted caterwaul and horn blasts cosy up to the neck snapping rhythmic mayhem of bassist Robert Barteaux and drummer Chris K. Bauer, while C.J. Bhutté's screeching guitar accents the whole unholy mess. A delightfully dangerous and fantastically fierce post-punk freak out. (Sudden Death)