Stage Bottles I'll Live My Life

These German anti-fascists are as into smashing Nazis as they are about having a good time. The 1993-2001 collection compiles 18 tracks from LPs, singles and compilations, giving a good taste of their bouncy and energetic sound. Since many skinhead bands have a style that's as rough as their exterior, it's cool to hear one that isn't afraid to inject some pop into their songs. The singer and sax player, Olaf, also played with London's Blaggers Ita, and the horn adds some spice to the mix. Included on this is their song about Skrewdriver singer Ian Stuart, who died in a car crash, called "Dead But Not Forgiven." On their newest release, I'll Live My Life, they offer 11 songs about life, work, relationships and suicide backed up by their melodic and catchy sound. The record starts off upbeat then turns more serious towards the end. The sax playing only graces a few of the tunes and would have been a good addition to some of the others. Listening to these will give you a good idea why they've gotten so popular across the pond with the anti-fascist, street punk set. (Insurgence)