St. Vincent "Bad Girls" ('Bob's Burgers' cover)

St. Vincent 'Bad Girls' ('Bob's Burgers' cover)
A while back, we heard the National tackle a Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving song, and now producers have lined up even more indie acts to take on some other chuckle-inducing musical moments from the fast-food-centred animated sitcom. First up for the series, titled "Bob's Buskers," is a punky attempt at "Bad Girls" by beloved art rocker St. Vincent.

The song, which first popped up in Season 2's "Bad Tina" episode, finds an animated version of Annie Clark rocking out with her band in front of the titular restaurant and in a school cafeteria while singing about plot-referencing boob punches and pilfered lipgloss. The show's nerdy Tina stands nearby with a broom in hand while Clark sounds off on a downward character trajectory, wondering if boys and their cute butts are worth all the meanness. Tina nods in the affirmative.

Upcoming "Bob's Buskers" contributions will apparently include Stephin Merritt and other members of Magnetic Fields.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.