ST 37 I Like To Talk, If There's Anything To Talk About

Good things always come out of Texas. Continuing on the path set out by lone star psych guru Roky Erikson (who ST 37’s current drummer, Dave Cameron, once played with), ST 37 brings psychedelic, nouveau-Hawkwind dementia to new heights with this, their seventh long player since forming in 1987. No quaint, art school allusions to apples and oranges here. Rather, the band opts for a tripped-out soup of entrancing, ambient jams, riding that fine line between good trip and bad-trip. Early Mercury Rev purists will dig the dreamy “Discorporate,” while “Tentacle Like Fibres” is pleasantly disquieting. Not something one should put on when mom and dad visit, but the disc is a tripped-out buzzfest for burners who are so inclined (just remember, you’re not a bird and you can’t fly, so get down from that roof now!) (Emperor Jones)