Squirtgun Fade to Bright

Sometimes it takes a couple of EPs and albums before a band creates the album it should have made right from the start. Furthermore, it’s unfortunate when a band comprised of one of your favourite producers, and members of some of your favourite bands, sucks so bad for so long. With that being said, Squirtgun have finally produced a record worth mentioning: Fade to Bright. Although the recording process started in 2001, maybe the time spent on the album was the change in the recipe required to beef up the band’s sound? The other notable change is an increase in power and aggression on this release; whereas prior efforts were completely wimpy pop tripe. Probably the strongest, most interesting composition on the CD is "Make it Wreck,” which hosts Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane on backing vocals. Regardless, from start to finish, the entire album consists of some really damn good pop punk, and it’s about bloody time Squirtgun did it right! (Honest Don’s)