Spread Eagle Spread Eagle

Best band name of the month is hands-down, clean sweep victory for these British Columbia punk-metalers with the "I can’t believe nobody has used that before" moniker of Spread Eagle. Cast in the image of tough-assed party hard rock and roll like Gluecifer, Spread Eagle deliver the two guitar assault and vocal growl that this kind of music requires to rip. Strong cuts include the intro tracks "Ready To Bleed" and "Bad Motherfucker," which could easily fit into the Nashville Pussy’s songbook, while "Fury" takes a small side trip into Deep Purple territory. In an homage to dirt bag rockers the Dwarves, the track "Blood, Coke and Sodomy" kind of sums it all up. Another smart move the band makes is to make the spacing between the songs as minimal as possible which creates a breakneck, "don’t stop the rock" vibe. Solid tracks, a good band concept, and crunchy production all set off with funny cover shots featuring a young female fan’s ear’s bleeding all add up for a winning slab of Canuck hard rock. (Nerve)