Spoon's Transference Is "That Moment After You Cum," Says Britt Daniel

Spoon's <i>Transference</i> Is 'That Moment After You Cum,' Says Britt Daniel
Right now is a damn good time to be a Spoon fan. Since announcing their forthcoming seventh LP Transference, the band have not only pushed the album date forward by a week, but they've announced a killer North American tour with Deerhunter in tow. Now, Britt Daniel has given a bit more insight on what to expect from the band's new album, due Tuesday (January 19), from Merge Records.

In an interview with Exclaim!, Daniel referred to Transference as "that moment right after you cum" after being asked what stage of a romantic relationship he thought the new album might represent. "That's just happened," he continued, "and you're experiencing the moments afterwards, you know? It can be a little awkward but basically, you look fantastic, you're tripping everywhere, and you're a little spent."

Daniel jokingly added that "[2001's] Girls Can Tell was the first holding of hands," but that "[2007's] Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, I'm not sure what that would be."

To further explain the album, Daniel mentioned that "it's a little more raw" and "uglier" than Spoon's last few records, due to the fact that "a lot of this record was recorded in my basement by just me." The album is also apparently more personal effort from the band than we might be used to.

As for Spoon's upcoming tour, Daniel said, "It's a lonelier experience making the record, and when you're on tour there's a lot of camaraderie and there's a lot of socializing, there's a lot of immediate gratification in terms of playing to these people who know your music and really want to see you. It's a ball, you know?"

A full list of Spoon's upcoming dates can be found here.