A Moment of Imperfect Clarity

BY Sam SutherlandPublished Nov 1, 2003

Blending a more modern rock feel with the emocore sounds of bands like Finch and the Used, Spoken’s Tooth & Nail debut is a strong effort from yet another contender in the crowded arena of pop-influenced emotional rock bands. While the music on A Moment is not necessarily outstanding in its originality, what sets Spoken apart from the many bands playing within the same genre of music is the optimistic and positive stance of the lyrics. This unique approach within a style known for its often blinding negativity and depressing subject matter becomes apparent by the second track, "Promise,” on which lead singer Matt Baird intones, "Things will get better, this I promise you / And I know loneliness won’t last forever.” This is not to discount the quality of the music, which is particularly strong on songs like the disco-influenced "In Dreams.” While at times the similarity between songs can cause the album to blur together, for the most part, A Moment of Imperfect Clarity delivers on its promise — not perfection, but respite from the mirthless nature of so many of today’s emo acts.
(Tooth and Nail)

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