Spitfires Three

Although it may take Vancouver's sultans of rock sleaze a couple of years to write, record and release a record, the end result always proves to be well worth the wait. Moreover, throughout their always-uncertain existence and tumultuous career, they've persevered to dish out three albums of increasing brilliance. Three is as solid as a brick wall and is built on all the abrasive foundations of rock and fucking roll. And an album this engaging and essential to their nation's musical output is more than any accomplishment initially wished for. It's just a pity that bands of much lower calibre (aka Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars) tend to soak up a great deal of undeserved attention when the real rock and roll heroes of this country are pouring as much blood and sweat into their music as alcohol into their bodies. The Spitfires could have easily given Kiss a run for their money back in the day. When one becomes tired of all style and no substance, it's refreshing to know that Three is within arms reach and "Down on it" is ready to blast out of the stereo and shatter your neighbor's world. (LongShot)