Spiritualized Delay New Album, Send Incomplete Version to Reviewers

Spiritualized Delay New Album, Send Incomplete Version to Reviewers
We thought that Spiritualized had their upcoming LP, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, in the bag, as the Jason Pierce-led space rock outfit announced that the album would be coming out in the UK via Double Six on March 19, and in North America via Fat Possum. The band even went so far as to send out some advance copies to journalists. Well, it turns out that the album isn't done quite yet, and Pierce has reportedly delayed the release for additional mixing.

Strangely, it seems that Pierce always intended to send out the album in unfinished form.

"I had the rather foolish idea last November that I could deliver the record that's been sent out and keep working on the real version," he told Spin. "I'd meet the delivery date they need for reviews and things like that and nobody would be any the wiser that I'd be carrying on with the mixing."

It looks as if Pierce got a little carried away with his touch-ups, though, because he said that the new version is "quite different." He explained, "Some bits are more realized and closer to what I wanted them to sound like, but I'm in the unenviable position now where the [album] that's out there isn't finished."

So when will Sweet Heart Sweet Light actually be out? We're not quite sure, but it looks to be sometime in late March or April, which isn't too far off the originally intended date. That's assuming that Pierce can stop working on it.

In the meantime, reviewers who have an early copy might want to hold off on posting their thoughts about the album just yet.

"With the reviews," Pierce said, "sometimes it's like they've got a different album anyway."