Spinal Tap Return!

Spinal Tap Return!
After breaking like the wind nearly 20 years ago, Spinal Tap are back in the studio.

The spoof metal act, best known for the 1984 mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap, leaked word of their return today (February 3), saying a new album should be out before the year's end and to expect "dubious results."

This new Tap record would mark the group's first since their last album together, 1992's Break Like the Wind, and follow a brief one-off reunion show in 1997 for a Live Earth appearance at Wembley Stadium. And yes, apparently all three principal members are on board: Harry Shearer (aka Derek Smalls), Michael McKean (aka David St. Hubbins) and even Christopher Guest (Nigel Tufnel), who has since gone on to head up such films as Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and For Your Consideration.

In a new BBC interview, Shearer said of the new, yet-untitled Spinal Tap album: "It'll be for download, as well as on conventional media later this year."

And while he didn't really give us a lot more to go on, he did add: "We've never recorded the song we did at Live Earth, 'Warmer Than Hell,' and I think they [Spinal Tap] are trying to revisit their old success. Not that they were ever popular, maybe in their own universe.

"We'll do a song called 'Gimme Some More Money,' probably with some dubious results."

Shearer gave no indications of how many drummers the band are expecting to go through, if Spinal Tap plan to play Stonehenge or if there will be any smelling of the glove.

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