Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire Reportedly Working Together on Short Film

Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire Reportedly Working Together on Short Film
We first learned that director Spike Jonze was an Arcade Fire fan last year, when he revealed that his recent Where the Wild Things Are was inspired by the song "Wake Up," which appeared in the film's trailer.

It didn't come as too much of a surprise, then, when the blog /Film reported yesterday (April 8) that Jonze would be working with the Montreal indie rockers. According to the post, the director was in the process of hiring teen actors in Austin, TX for a story that was apparently about "friends growing apart." This news originally came from Joel's Arcade Fire Blog, who caught wind of the collaboration from a post on director John Estrada's (now-protected) Twitter.

Arcade Fire's publicist quickly debunked the rumour, however, telling Consequence of Sound that the band was still in Canada working on their third album.

Today, the plot thickened once again. MTV got in touch with Jonze's publicist, who admitted, "Spike will be in Austin shooting a short film which is a collaboration with Arcade Fire." Either the publicists have their wires crossed or they've now decided that the cat's out of the bag. In any case, it looks like this project is a reality, and Estrada is probably getting a lot of angry emails right now.

Perhaps this project is related to Arcade Fire's upcoming LP, which is expected out sometime later this year. After all, if the band aren't in Canada recording, perhaps they've already finished the album and have begun working on promotional materials.