Spencer Krug Announces Final Moonface LP, Shares New Song

Hear "Walk The Circle In The Other Direction" now
Spencer Krug Announces Final Moonface LP, Shares New Song
Known as a wearer of many musical hats with his work in Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and more, Spencer Krug has now announced his final album as Moonface.

Titled This One's For The Dancer & This One's For The Dancer's Bouquet, the 16-track album will arrive November 2 through Jagjaguwar. You can hear album cut "Walk The Circle In The Other Direction" below, which arrives alongside a video.

As Krug explained in a press release, the 16 tracks on This One's For The Dancer... were "culled from two separate projects, each with different collaborators, recorded in different studios, in different towns, in different years." Half the songs are sung from the perspective of the Minotaur from Greek mythology, while the other half are from that of Krug himself. 

"I never made an album under that name I was embarrassed by, and this is one of my favorites, so I may as well get out while I still can, on a personal high note to boot," Krug wrote in a press release. "Take this album as a sort of parting gift before Moonface sails into oblivion; the alter-ego's final offering."

Krug explained on Twitter late last month that the name change comes after "This other Moonface had the name before me so I'm giving it back. (That's just one of a few reasons.)" He added that all solo work from 2019 onwards would be released under his own name, expanding on his decision further as follows:

This will be my seventh release under the name Moonface, and they say seven's a lucky number, so maybe that's as good a reason as any to put the name in the ground. Of course there are other, actual reasons: There is another artist who goes by the name Moonface – a DJ – and their releases get all mixed up with my releases on streaming platforms, in searches, and that's annoying for everyone. As I believe they had the name before I did, in all fairness, I should give it back. I also believe the name Moonface is offensive to, or at least insensitive toward, those who suffer from Cushing disease, some symptoms of which are an unwanted swelling loosely termed Moon Face. I didn't know these things in 2009 when I decided on the name because I was a lazy googler, but now that I do, I have regrets. Some less specific reasons: Times have changed and I feel compelled to change with them; to drop the bags I carried in what seems now a former world. As Carey Mercer put it more eloquently, when recently explaining why he's decided to stop using the name Frog Eyes, "It seems like there's been some kind of demarcation line created in the past couple years where it feels inappropriate to carry on a project that started, in a sense, pre-climate change, in a sense, pre-Trump." This idea resonates with me; this nagging feeling of self-made misrepresentation, a discrepancy between the medium and the message, shouting out new ideas while standing on a soapbox built for some bygone campaign. But mostly, I'm just tired of the name, and crave the excitement of a clean slate. I'm in my 40s now, and ready to make music and tour under my own name – Spencer Krug; ready to get personally behind what I do in a more literal and meaningful way. So, why not take this 83 minute LP and make it even more of a swollen gesture: the swan song of Moonface.

This One's For the Dancer & This One's For The Dancer's Bouquet:

1. Minotaur Forgiving Pasiphae
2. The Cave
3. Minotaur Forgiving Knossos
4. Heartbreaking Bravery II
5. Last Night
6. Minotaur Forgiving Minos
7. Aidan's Ear
8. Minotaur Forgiving Theseus
9. Sad Suomenlinna
10. Minotaur Forgiving Daedalus
11. Okay To Do This
12. Dreamsong
13. Hater
14. Minotaur Forgiving The White Bull
15. Walk The Circle In The Other Direction
16. Minotaur Forgiving Poseidon