Speedy J Loudboxer

Speedy J has produced influential touchstones in techno in the past, like G Spot, and created assorted brilliant ambient works under his own name, Jochem Paap. This time around he delves into a continuous tech-house set and the result is rather disappointing. For someone that has made fantastic electronic music that helped define entire genres in the process, jumping on the tech-house bandwagon falls far short of his talents. Mind you, Loudboxer isn't bad; the set starts slow and builds with an intense dogmatic pace and makes one's speakers pound with intensity. But with someone of Speedy J's stature and track record, one would expect him to reinvent the medium instead of following well-worn pathways established by the likes of Hawtin, et al. I strongly recommend that Speedy J take a hiatus from clubbing, find a remote and deserted loft space and not return to the scene until he creates something brilliant, adhering to the high standards he created in the first place. (Mute)