Sparklehorse Documentary Seeks Funding

Sparklehorse Documentary Seeks Funding
A new documentary is in the works on the late Sparklehorse (aka singer-songwriter Mark Linkous), who committed suicide in 2010. The project is called The Sad & Beautiful World of Sparklehorse and filmmakers are currently seeking some funding via Indiegogo.

Alex Crowton and Balwant Dass have been planning the movie since 2010 and hope to "preserve the legacy of this great musician" in the film, which will explore both his life and music, as well as "the theme that mental illness is allied to creativity, using Linkous as an example of why highly creative people seem to suffer from severe psychiatric illness, especially bipolar disorder."

On the pledge page, it reads, "He was at once a humble, modest man; the epitome of a Southern gentlemen. He was also a self-destructive, recovering drug addict who battled with debilitating bouts of manic-depression. The dual nature of his personality reflects the extremes of his music; beautiful, surreal, off-kilter pop contrasted with dark, distorted ballads and discordant punk-rock."

The film is apparently half-done and includes interviews with Metric's Emily Haines, Jonathan Donahue and Grasshopper of Mercury Rev, Stars of the Lid's Adam Wiltzie, Ed Harcourt, Gemma Hayes and more.

Crowton and Dass are hoping to raise money to conduct more interviews and help pay for post-production and distribution. They're offering incentives from a thank-you on their website, to DVDs, to an executive producer credit, depending on how much you pitch in.

You can get more info over here.

Crowton and Dass had previously worked with Linkous on a self-funded promo clip in 2007.