Sparklehorse/Danger Mouse Album Blocked by Legal Dispute

Sparklehorse/Danger Mouse Album Blocked by Legal Dispute
Another day, another update on Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse's upcoming Dark Night of the Soul. Today, though, the news isn't so positive. Apparently, due to an ongoing legal dispute with EMI, the album may be delayed or killed altogether, news that comes as a total bummer for those hoping to get a hold of a record featuring everyone from David Lynch to Iggy Pop to the Flaming Lips to the Strokes' Julian Casablancas.

According to a statement from Danger Mouse's publicist to Tripwire, "Danger Mouse is unable to release the recorded music for Dark Night of the Soul without fear of being sued by EMI." As a result, the musical portion of this book/album package, well, it may not feature any music.

The statement explains: "The photographs [by David Lynch], which provide a visual narrative for the music, are compiled in a limited edition, hand numbered, 100-plus page book, which will now come with a blank, recordable CD-R. All copies will be clearly labeled: 'For Legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.'"

The statement then concludes by saying, "Danger Mouse remains hugely proud of Dark Night of the Soul and hopes that people lucky enough to hear the music, by whatever means, are as excited by it as he is."

So, to recap, it appears as if the book portion of this increasingly confusing mess will indeed be released, but now with blank CD-R, for burning the unsanctioned album onto after you hunt it down somewhere on the internet.

If there's a plus side to this whole thing it's that the music is currently streaming over at NPR's website, or at least it is for now.