Southkill Southkill

Yet another guitar and drum duo, Southkill manage to keep the format interesting. Hailing from New York and New Zealand, Southkill is more influenced by the likes of the Melvins, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor than lo-fi garage rock. Crashing guitars possess your stereo, giving an initial impression of a metal band, but melody soon sets in, and gives way to delicateness. Southkill have a much fuller sound than you would expect from a duo, and are almost completely instrumental, except the second song "Do You Always Act That Way,” where almost whispered vocals sound as if they are trying to break free. Recorded live on two-inch analog in one week, Southkill certainly doesn’t sound rushed. Although Southkill is only an EP, it clocks in at a little less than 40 minutes, without sacrificing quality. (Independent)