"Rusty Cage" (studio outtake)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 6, 2016

Soundgarden haven't fully detailed their big Badmotorfinger 25th anniversary box set just yet, but the Seattle grunge powerhouses are gearing up for something special. To tease the release, they're streaming an alternate take of powerful, riff-blazin' album opener "Rusty Cage."

The outtake is pretty similar to the long-heard version, with Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil's wired-awake licks still hitting hard like a handful of broken nails. There are also a few different vocal motifs, a leaner mid-section and a bit of pre-roll musicality, but basically it's another Phillips to the brain for all you Soundgarden fans to enjoy.

The outtake has been fit with a drive-style animation. You can see a snippet below, while the alternate "Rusty Cage" can be found in full on the band's website.

Thayil had previously said that the Badmotorfinger box will be out by November 18.


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