Soulkid #1 Americanized

Just like Lenny Kravitz’s cover of "American Women” became an anthem (once again) for every American girl, you may have heard of Soulkid #1’s smash hit "(More Bounce In) California” due to some classic symbolism. It’s appeared on every important Californian TV show (i.e., Laguna Beach and The O.C.) and taken on a life of its own, gracing high schoolers’ iPods and frequenting rich parties. Californians have a reason to love their state again, woo hoo! But don’t be fooled, this is not a simple case of one-hit wonder syndrome; Soulkid #1 know rolling bass lines and hook tangled songs just as well as they know their audience and this debut album will make the whole country claim them as their own. At times, main man Marc Godfrey turns up the raunch factor with some haggard vocal melodies and suffocated guitar soloing ("Until It’s Gone”) but it’s when he’s acting haphazardly that his strongest work is born. Just hear the opening title track; it’s enough to prove that Soulkid #1 are balls out ready to confront any listeners’ predetermined thoughts with angular synth and bass soaring excitement. Later, on "Some Kind of Wonderful Drug,” the syncopated drum machine and haunting vocals, with senseless lyrics, leave no question that Soulkid #1 are the type of one-hit-wonder we’d like to hear from again. (Secret Agent)