The Souljazz Orchestra "Mamaya"

The Souljazz Orchestra 'Mamaya'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Long regarded as one of the premier Afrobeat ensembles in Canada, Ottawa, ON's Souljazz Orchestra stretch out to spectacular effect on "Mamaya," a sneak-peek at their new album, Rising Sun, to be released on February 16.

The Orchestra have moved to Strut Records, after Do Right! handled their last two full-lengths. No doubt this will raise their international profile even higher. However, their bread and butter has always been their rock-solid live shows, which never disappoint.

With this track, they add what sounds like a marimba or balafon to the usual gale-force horn section and chunky, unhurried drums and percussion. The new musical ingredient adds another layer of polyrhythmic intensity to a 12/8 groove. I can't wait to see what else they've got up their sleeves with the album - the proverbial game has been raised.

The band have shows planned in Ontario and Quebec in February and March, then head to Europe for a tour, including several shows with the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

Download "Mamaya" by the Souljazz Orchestra here.