Soul of Man / Various 10 Years Of Finger Lickin'

In this day and age, for any independent label to reach their tenth anniversary is no small feat, let alone releasing such consistent quality all the way up to their 100th single. Having led the way in funk-infused breaks, Finger Lickin’ Records founders Jern Panufrik and Justin Rushmore (Soul of Man) have definitely earned themselves a pat on the back, but not ones to rest on their laurels celebrate the occasion with a triple-decker mix album of vintage Finger Lickin’ tracks. Featuring classics from themselves and label-mates such as Plump DJs, A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts’ massive club anthem "Gimme the Breaks,” and with remixes by Stanton Warriors, D. Ramirez, Utah Saints and Micky Slim bringing us to the present day, the three CDs compile as much a tribute to the label as an anthology of the last decade. From the raw hip-hop, funk-influenced originals from their heyday to the current bangers of the scene, the 30-something tracks are an irresistible journey through the history of one of the most enjoyable dance labels around. (Finger Lickin')