Soul Merchants


BY Liz WorthPublished Jan 28, 2008

This is an immense collection of music from the obscure ’80s act Soul Merchants. Having come out of the streets of Denver, CO with their self-described "psychedelic death rock,” Soul Merchants were a short-lived act but a prolific one, leaving behind over 100 recorded songs after only a two-year lifespan. Although the story goes that Soul Merchants were deemed too goth for the punks and vice versa, they carry their darker inclinations well. "Blue Light” and "Crown of Glory” could fit right alongside many Joy Division tracks, and "Joanna” is a swirling atmospheric song full of sharp jabs that cut through the heavy shading. "Armed Factions” is a rhythmic post-punk concoction that captures an edgier sensibility. There are groups that deservedly fade into obscurity but Soul Merchants aren’t one of them. This compilation should ensure that this band get a second life.

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