Sonic Joy Urban Angel

In order to like a band there has to be some sustainable and redeeming quality to that band that transcends a major label. Along comes Sonic Joy, a Vancouver-based independent electronica band with Joyelle Brandt as lead vocal. Creatively infused on Urban Angel are African tribal rhythms spread over a sea of trance, broken beat and trip-hop. With strange yet suggestive song titles as "Furka,” "Transformation” and "Neverland” Brandt’s vocal styling subtly flow into wonderful, rhythmically challenging and alluringly rousing electronic beats. It’s no wonder Brandt cites Sarah McLachlan and Enigma as her vocal inspiration as remnants of both are heard on this album. One thing is for sure, Urban Angel is ripe with sexuality and spirituality, which is enchanting although difficult to classify it is nonetheless well worth a listen, or two. (Independent)