Songs: Ohia

Ghost Tropic

BY Jon BartlettPublished Dec 1, 2000

Jason Molina has consistently surprised and delighted with his Songs: Ohia project throughout the last four years. In the beginning, Palace was the obvious reference point, but these days Songs: Ohia is far beyond those humble beginnings. Ghost Tropic is pure musical majesty, an immersion into soft keys and minimalism that brings Molina's compositions to new plateaus. The opening "Lightning Risked It All" sounds like familiar Songs turf, making the transition naturally as background percussion seeps its way into the forefront. By the time we hear the first version of "Ghost Tropic," we are well on our way in this musical journey, heading to warmer climates far from the Badlands Molina calls home. "Not Just A Ghost's Heart" stretches into 12 minutes of soundtrack bliss, past Morricone's South and into another "Ghost Tropic" interlude alight in vibes. From here, the listener is but putty in his hands. "Incantation" puts the journey to rest, as Foxtrot-like mellotron strings surround like soft, inviting pillows. A radiant masterpiece.
(Secretly Canadian)

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