Sondre Lerche "Bad Law" (video)

Sondre Lerche 'Bad Law' (video)
Being the life of the party might not be all it's cracked up to be, judging by the playful but ultimately pitiful display a foot-shuffling Sondre Lerche puts on in the new video for his upcoming Please LP's "Bad Law."

Things start off subtly, with the singer-songwriter coolly kicking it with elegant guests at an open-air event. As the jittery lounge track explodes into a jarring crash of distorted drums, though, we see a blur of shots of an unhinged Lerche flailing about in fields and, more pressingly, towards uninterested partygoers. Tousled and covered in tinsel and shattered glass, you'll find a "sweaty, paranoid" Lerche's self-deprecating display in the player down below.

As previously reported, Please arrives this fall via Lerche's own Mona Records.