Son Lux "You Don't Know Me" (video)

Son Lux 'You Don't Know Me' (video)
After issuing his Bones LP last week, Son Lux (a.k.a. Ryan Lott) is exploring empty ritualism, blind faith and a lack of true understanding in the video for excellent album track "You Don't Know Me."

The short film was directed by Nathan Johnson, who notes in a statement that "we wanted to explore the song in terms of the empty rituals we often see in relationships and, to a larger degree, religion."

It stars Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black), who splits her onscreen time sitting down to dinner with an oblivious romantic devotee ("You see my face in the stars / You don't know me"), and with a group of robed followers conducting various social experiments. Maslany is further described as "a powerful figure who is stuck in the vacancy of routines that have lost their meaning."

Scored by the off-kilter, slightly symphonic swerve of Son Lux's new tune, the video is unsettling with its portrayals of awkward cuddles on the couch, malaise-drenched "Duck, Duck, Goose" sessions, gooey-chewy sacraments, and the world's most literal game of broken telephone.

You'll find the dispiriting display down below.