Sometree Moleskine

In our ever-borderless world, it is nice to know that the allure of the angry emo, but not screamo, band can translate to our European brethren. Hailing from Hanover, Germany, Sometree may not have the spark and inspiration as such hallmark bands like At the Drive-In and Thursday, yet when they break from the shackles of the genre, some intriguing moments reveal themselves. Opener "Pulse” starts very promisingly, with its fast, gently sloping guitar, yet abandons it for chorus and anthem drudgery. The best energy comes with "Satellitelines,” which is nothing short of an aural assault at its apex, and "Norwood” is the resident vocal shredder. The weaknesses of Sometree are most apparent in "Red on Maroon,” where the music aimlessly wanders about, echoing boring emotions and other bands, leaving inspiration at the door. It is the stupendous finale, "Elephants (Plaza Desesperados 2),” where Sometree could rise above the murk. Using a vaguely Spanish trumpet, hushed vocals and slight layers, it easily overcomes the earlier emotional constipation and actually allows the listener to connect. Moleskine seems to have sporadic catharsis, but the last track leaves just enough hope that the Atlantic may not be the only barrier overcome next time around for this band. (Magic Bullet)