Someone Is Trying to Sell Whitney Houston's Bible for $95,000

Someone Is Trying to Sell Whitney Houston's Bible for $95,000
Late singer Whitney Houston is once again making headlines, this time thanks to her former landlord trying to sell her old Bible for a whopping $95,000 USD. In Canadian, that's roughly $123,000 big ones.

Proving nothing is, um, sacred, the Bible was found in her Newport Beach luxury rental in California, with that old landlord now selling the book via Moments in Time, TMZ reports.

Houston rented the property from 2009 to 2011. According to the owner, he found the Bible in a box with some old clothes and CDs by the trash when she moved out. Apparently her reps at the time said she no longer wanted the items (obviously).

The Bible is full of Houston's handwriting, and its pages document several events in her life. For example, under marriage Houston wrote in her name and Robert B. Brown and the date July 18, 1992, which is indeed when they got married. Under births, it also lists Bobbi K. Kristina and her birthday March 4, 1993.

You can see various photos of the Bible here at TMZ.

Houston was also in the news recently thanks to another morbid snapshot of her life via Pusha-T, who used a tabloid photo of the late singer's bathroom for the album cover of his new DAYTONA LP.