Solus Rhizome

A follow-up to his 2005 release, Lights In The Valley, Solus serves up more easy-listening electronica with Rhizome. This time under Don Vebrilli's clear mastering, a variety of sounds coalesce in Solus's atmospheric rhythms. Lots of hi-hat and breezy beats a top slower head-nodding grooves give Rhizome an optimistic mood, and Solus's sound, similar to label-mate Telefuzz's, benefits from a bit more funk and melody. The dominating synth sound in Rhizome is occasionally peppered with an organic lead, such as Leigh Myles' washed over vocals in "Missing You" and the light campfire-side guitar send off in "The Eye." These don't bear the same rhythmic strength of his purely electronic ones but they do make for an eclectic mix, refreshing your attention and allowing Rhizome to break from its cushy mushroom jazz vibe. (Upstairs)