Solarists The Channel's Twilight

The solo project of Hinterland’s Cameron McLellan, Solarists will hopefully not be relegated to an occasional project, as McLellan has made an astounding and affecting album that swells the heart and sets the listener adrift in his simple, intoxicating melodies. It’s likely that Solarists will be grouped together with similar artists like Iron & Wine, Rivulets and Great Lake Swimmers, but to be grouped with such quality will hopefully draw people to him rather than have him lost amid the crowd. The top song is easily "Starfucker,” in which McLellan’s voice quivers ever so slightly, giving the song such a confessional feel that you can audibly hear the lump in his throat. Slow and steady wins the race in this genre, and "Starfucker” takes its time, keeping the listener transfixed with the easy, yet intense guitar and barely-there piano all surrounded by an elegiac beat. A triumph of a song, it alone is worthy of a hardy recommendation of this album. Other memorable moments occur in "Beauty and Suspension,” which is one of the more upbeat songs, and emits a warmth and originality that easily demands attention. Beautiful, mournful and absolutely enthralling, The Channel’s Twilight is essential for anyone who loves simple, unassuming melody just a little rough around the edges. (Darling)