The Soiree Birds

Singer/guitarist Bryce Colenbrander recently remarked, "We’ve been called the ‘warmest’ band in Ottawa. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I can live with that.” Well, let’s elaborate on that word "warm,” as it is a wonderful word to describe the laidback, yet quietly confident, music on this debut album. Warm, somewhat scientifically, describes a rise in temperature, and when one combines this with an individual state of cold, the two come together for pleasure. Who doesn’t like throwing a heavy quilt over themselves on cold winter day? Thus, warmth puts the listener at ease and even increases the pleasure of the atmosphere around them. Well, it’s very safe to say the Soirée accomplish that with ease. When the first staccato lo-fi notes of "Good Night’s Sleep” ring through the speakers, the listener is transported to an era of late ’90s indie and fellow Ottawa bands like Snailhouse and Kepler. Although there is a country hint to the songs, the Soirée are really in thrall to simple, unobtrusive melody with a hint of rock. Closer "On for Good” does this exceptionally, as singer/bassist Matthew Arnold gives a good edge to the lazy tempo. Beautiful and unassuming, let this warm your cockles as the wind howls. (Independent)