A Soft Perversion Last Hoorah!

Recorded before this Fort Meyers, Florida band moved to Massachusetts, there is a sunny delight in these indie rock nuggets that shows great promise for later releases. In just two songs on their debut seven-inch, A Soft Perversion bring to mind Pavement, Minus Story, and some British indie counterparts, all wrapped up in an urgent package of guitar harmonies and stream-of-consciousness lyrics. "Last Hoorah!” has a vibrant energy that only comes with the opportunity to be finally making music the musician’s want, with its off-kilter singing and charmingly messy choruses. "Modern Saint” continues the youthful energy, including some pop elements into the indie rock formula and Leo Ashline’s vocals become more endearing with every listen. Not the most groundbreaking of listens, but certainly catchy and alive enough for A Soft Perversion to succeed where others have failed. When Ashline sings "What did you expect?” on the opener, the answer certainly seems to be something that wasn’t as enjoyable and invigorating as this. (Independent)