Soft Moon


BY Lisa SookrajPublished Mar 27, 2015

The Soft Moon expertly dish out darkwave on their third full-length release. More polished than 2012's Zeros, Deeper is fuller, fatter and puts more emphasis on its futuristic electronic elements than its nostalgic ones. The most noticeable difference on Deeper is the clarity and dominance of vocals. The lyrics detract initially, but are appropriate considering that foremost, the album delivers dance music for goths; there are traces of Covenant on "Desertion," Clan of Xymox on "Try," Depeche Mode on "Waiting." Thankfully, the clichéd sentiments are eclipsed by the sensuous musical elements.

Singer/songwriter Luis Vasquez says he didn't intend to revive the goth sound here, and sees his music as a kind of retro-futurism, a romantic portrayal of a dystopian future. The title track has a Planet of the Apes feel, with percussion playing a key role there and throughout the release; "Wrong," in particular, demonstrates this with its industrial battle of breakbeats. On "Black," elements sputter and bubble between bursts of steam, as staccato vocals evoke machinery and elements build before obliterating into static. "Far" is the most traditionally post-punk and catchiest song here, evoking the Cure and demonstrating Vasquez's ability to turn his influences into something greater.
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