Practical Footwear

BY Michael EdwardsPublished May 1, 2000

Sodastream are another of those incredible Australian bands that, once you've heard them, you just can't imagine the world without them any more. They've already managed to gain some popularity in the UK, thanks to an appearance at Belle & Sebastian's Bowlie Weekender Festival and a "Single Of The Week" award from Melody Maker for this very EP. The vocals sound not unlike those of B&S's Stuart Murdoch, which in turn are not unlike those of Nick Drake - the music has more in common with the latter rather than the former because of the folky acoustic guitars and fragile string arrangements that wash over the songs. Don't expect verse-chorus-verse when you can have six songs that meander along for four or five minutes apiece. The mood is most definitely melancholy, but not in an overbearing way - life just isn't all that happy. This is a lovely record that really does bode well for their debut album, which should be with us very soon. I can hardly wait.

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