So They Say Antidote for Irony

Named one of the "100 bands you need to know” by Alternative Press, and having graced the stage at 2005’s Van’s Warped Tour, and then wracking up another 10,000 miles on a tour with more of the up and comers of today’s punk rock scene, these boys have seen their fair share of roads and stages. In turn, their sound is stripped away to the bare metal, leaving just the pure energy or guitars, drums, and a resounding bass line to keep your heart beating. This is the scream and cry of desperation from a disgruntled youth, leaving you feeling like it was recorded during a rebels meeting; fists in the air and yelling through whatever industrial material they could find to tear this dead world up from its grave. Join in the anthems, raise your voice and lift your eyes to the sky, because this frantic cry refuses to remain unheard or unspoken. (Fearless)