Snowdogs Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies

Snowdogs is a UK-based group consisting of Finnish brothers Mat and Ville Lappanen and American Benjy Reid. Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies, produced by Steve Brown (the Cult, Manic Street Preachers, Wham!), was recorded live off the floor. The result for the group's sophomore disc is a very lo-fi pop-punk disc. Don't confuse my use of pop-punk to mean that Snowdogs sound like Blink 182, Sum 41 or Green Day. Their songs are much more pop than the previously mentioned. "Popstars (Love This)" is a insightful testament to the state of corporately sponsored music. A fantastically punk approach to Paul Simon's hit, "Boy in the Bubble" prove that Snowdogs are talented performers. But in the end, all the original tracks, although endearing, miss the hook that makes Snowdogs' peers stand out more. Unfortunately this disc does not have the "cool indie sound" that it needs to be pulled off properly. After the first few tracks it just sounds poorly recorded and weak. This record is a waste of the talent that can be found in Snowdogs. (Victory)