Snowblink "Exotic Bird" (video)

Snowblink 'Exotic Bird' (video)
Snowblink have treated last year's Returning Current track "Exotic Bird" to a music video.
The clip follows visuals for fellow album cuts "How Now" and "Feel Like a Man," and it was filmed in Los Angeles by director Dawn Garcia.
In a statement, frontwoman Daniela Gesundheit explained that the song "began as a repository for an unrealizable crush, a place for those difficult and irresolvable feelings to live."

Over the course of performing the song and reworking it, however, "Exotic Bird" now serves as an "avatar for deep longing — that deep longing starts to take the form of brilliant iridescent feathers, a proud, unexpected beak, an unforeseen wingspan, a wild call, and it comes and perches on one's shoulder as a co-pilot towards the expansive unknown."
The accompanying video sees multiple incarnations of Gesundheit, surrounded by varying glassed-in landcapes and sequined monkeys.
Scroll past Snowblink's upcoming tour dates to watch the whimsically surreal clip for "Exotic Bird" below.
Tour dates:
02/14 Palm Springs, CA - Ace Hotel (Olfactory Show)
02/17 Palm Springs, CA - Ace Hotel 
02/22 Toronto, ON - Gladstone Ballroom
03/02 San Francisco, CA - Cult Gallery
04/21 London, UK - The Tabernacle (Olfactory Awards)