Snoop Lion "No Guns Allowed" (live on 'Conan')

Snoop Lion 'No Guns Allowed' (live on 'Conan')
On April 23, Snoop's transformation from blunted-out rapper to spiritual reggae artist will be complete when he releases Reincarnated, his debut album as Snoop Lion for VICE Music/RCA Records. To promote the next chapter of his career, Snoop made an appearance on Conan.

Even though all of his new material is taking on a very serious tone, this is Snoop at his most sombre. Adding a church theme complete with choir girls and candles, he delivers a serious, sweet song without any concern for hyping up the crowd. And he deserves credit for it, because it works.

Watch Snoop Lion play "No Guns Allowed" on Conan below.

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