Snog Third Mall from the Sun

While Snog does a great job of enlightening about the pressing political issues of consumerism, morally corrupt corporations and personal debt, head Snogers David Thrussell and Pieter Bourke fail to bring passion to these subjects that have consumed them over several albums. This is unusual for Burke, who has previously been with emotion dripping goth band Dead Can Dance and worked with Thrussell in the band Soma. Many of the evil corporate giants on Third Mall from the Sun have been slammed in the past, most notably McDonald’s — the cover art portrays their staff as brainwashed soldiers loyal only to the Big Mac. Unlike the lyrics, the programming and samples are classic Snog, original and entertaining. This is a return for the band who had previously combined electro with spaghetti Western music in Buy Me... I’ll Change Your Life. Third Mall from the Sun is as cold and faceless as the corporation it denounces. (Metropolis)