Snailhouse Returns with Sentimental Gentleman

Snailhouse Returns with <i>Sentimental Gentleman</i>
With a 15-year career and multiple releases under his belt, Montreal's Mike Feuerstack hasn't quite reached the wide success he arguably deserves with his Snailhouse project. That doesn't stop the Wooden Stars/Bell Orchestre member from plugging away on new material, however, as he's revealed plans to release a new album this spring.

The record is called Sentimental Gentleman and was mixed and co-produced with Arcade Fire's Jeremy Gara, who also helmed Snailhouse's 2008 effort, Lies on the Prize. The album features ten brand new tracks and a tracklisting is available below.

Sentimental Gentleman will be released on May 24 via Forward Music/White Whale. The album's first single will be announced shortly, along with some Snailhouse tour dates. Hopefully, the band can even reschedule their controversially cancelled shows in France.

Sentimental Gentleman:

1. "Apple"
2. "Great Storytellers"
3. "Daydream"
4. "Airwaves"
5. "I Never Woke Up"
6. "In the Beginning"
7. "Sentimental Gentleman"
8. "Every Night"
9. "Cloean Water"
10. "Valley of Tears"